Melrose Assisted Living

A Premiere Community in College Station, TX

Melrose Assisted Living

Melrose is a licensed assisted living community in College Station, Texas.

Melrose delivers person-centered care which provides each neighbor with their favorite pastime, goals, and preferences. This empowers each neighbor receiving care and Melrose staff to make effective care plans together.

“I’m grateful for the environment Melrose provides, allowing me to concentrate on what truly matters to me. This focus has a huge impact on my sense of self and well-being.”

Guided by Heart, Driven by Compassion

Whether enjoying a meal with friends, joining a yoga class, or taking a dip in our outdoor pool, our neighbors enjoy ample opportunities to flourish and maintain a certain level of independence.


Our all-inclusive services cater to the individual needs of each neighbor


We offer amenities designed to support an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Our Apartments

Our apartments are designed to meet the unique needs of each neighbor

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